Are Schools Doing Everything They Can To Avoid Foodborne Illnesses?

The summer is ending and parents are getting their kids ready to go back to school. Whether they are starting first grade or entering in their senior year, parents are preparing their kids with an abundance of school supplies and enforcing good hygiene practices to avoid getting sick during the school year. Although kids might embrace a sick day, parents want to avoid them and will do everything they can to prevent their kids from illness, but the question is are the schools doing everything they can?

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Should the Gloves Come Off? Handwashing vs. Gloves Debate.

Have you ever been in and eatery where you see some of the employees wearing protective gloves? At first you feel good knowing that this establishment has enforced good hand hygiene compliance and food safety standards to make sure your food is protected… that is up until they person behind the counter who has carefully made your meal walks over to the cash register to deliver your order, takes your money, and then, without changing their gloves, goes back to make another sandwich. So much for protecting my food.

Not all restaurants, eateries, etc. who have their employees handle food also handle money, but it makes you question those who where gloves while preparing food how often are their gloves changed to be effective? More importantly, are they even washing their hands? Research shows that gloves, although reduce the rate of hand contamination, germs can still travel through the glove material which means gloves are not 100% effective and are no substitution for proper hand washing compliance.

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