Here is Your Food Safety Wake-Up Call!

Here at CloudClean, we continue to promote the importance of handwashing compliance within the food service industry, blogging and posting news articles on our Facebook and Twitter pages proving that handwashing compliance in the food industry continues to be an issue. Some articles highlight restaurant failings and violations, followed by required penalties and fines, temporary shut downs and bad press. Although our posts might be interesting to you, we believe there are some of you out there that are saying to yourselves, “that could never happen to us.”

We understand that implementing new food safety standards can sometimes cost time and money that you do not want to spend. Often times restaurant or food industry owners feel their food safety training is diligent, clean facilities are maintained and the likelihood of a shut down or lawsuit is highly unlikely.

Then, consider this…

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The Juicing Craze: Raw and Exposed

Juicing is not a new concept, rather a HUGE trend that has grown in the past couple of years, and is estimated to grow further into a $1.1 billion dollar industry by 2015, according to Beverage Industry magazine. Companies like BluePrintCleanse (BPC) have changed the beverage industry making raw juices, and juice cleanses, more desirable and more accessible to everyone, and influencing companies like Starbucks take notice and try their hand in the game. Starbucks is purchasing Evolution Fresh in hopes to do for juices what it has done for coffee.

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