Clean Hands is Just Good Business!

Most companies spend time and money on marketing strategies to get their name and brand out to world, to tell their customers they’ve got new products to enjoy, and to entice new customers to buy their products. Creative campaigns are brainstormed and designed then published into magazines, produced into commercials and then blasted into cyberspace for everyone to see. However, recent news has proven that it’s not the million dollar campaign that builds brand awareness and customer loyalty, but rather it’s the simplest and sincerest gestures that create the most impact and creates good business.

A couple of days ago, social media was buzzing with a sweet story about a genuine act of kindness from a Red Robin manager to a pregnant mom. After some casual conversation with the family the expecting woman joked that this would be last meal before giving birth. When the couple received their check the pregnant mom’s $11.50 meal had been deducted from the bill and the receipt included a kind message, “MOM 2 BEE GOOD LUC.” Apparently these good deeds are encouraged in the Red Robin culture. A spokeperson was quoted saying,

“Anything we can do to make the guest experience extra special and go the extra mile to make sure the guest experience is as memorable as it can be.”

These kinds gestures guaranteed that family’s return, as well as caught the attention of potential customers.

Later that day, an article appeared about the company LEGO and their “awesome response” to a young boy’s request. The boy, Luka, lost a treasured minifigure and decided to write letter to LEGO to see if they would replace his lost figurine. Not only did LEGO respond to Luka’s letter, but also wrote with the charm only a  7-year old boy could understand and a parent could truly appreciate. LEGO also included an additional toy to ensure the boy could maximize his play. The article ended with a clear message to businesses everywhere, “And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how companies score lifelong customers.”

It was the blog post we stumbled upon yesterday that hit this theme of “good business” home for us, titled “Clean Bathrooms”

“The facilities at DisneyWorld are clean. It’s not a profit center, of course. They don’t make them clean because they’re going to charge you to use them. They make them clean because if they didn’t, you’d have a reason not to come.

It turns out that just about everything we do involves cleaning the bathrooms. Creating an environment where care and trust are expressed. If you take a lot of time to ask, “how will this pay off,” you’re probably asking the wrong question. When you are trusted because you care, it’s quite likely the revenue will take care of itself.”

At CloudClean we believe clean hands is good business too. Not because food safety law requires you to, but being CloudClean Proud shows your customers that you care to go the extra mile to ensure their well being.–abc-news-deals.html

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