CloudClean™ Joins The Handwashing Leadership Forum

CloudClean™ was proud to be recognized by Handwashing for Life® at the 2013 NRA Foodservice Show in Chicago as being a leader in hand wash monitoring and credited as the key to changing hand hygiene behavior in the foodservice industry. This recognition was followed by an invitation to join The Handwashing Leadership Forum® which we were honored to accept.

Handwashing for Life® has been forging the way in the healthcare industry and foodservice industry for many years by advancing science and technologies that promote, educate and improve hand hygiene practices to reduce infections and foodborne illness outbreaks caused by poor hand washing.

In their foodservice division, Handwashing for Life® has created The Handwashing Leadership Forum®, an alliance of hand washing advocates selected based on their leadership and commitment to reducing the risks of foodborne illnesses. Members are invited to join the forum and required to look beyond each company separately, but recognize each member’s strengths and what they bring to the team so everyone can work together to identify the gaps that remain in the industry to find integrated solutions that effectively address and reduce risks that cause foodborne illnesses.

CloudClean™ is honored to be a part of this distinguished group.

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