Clean Hands is Just Good Business!

Most companies spend time and money on marketing strategies to get their name and brand out to world, to tell their customers they’ve got new products to enjoy, and to entice new customers to buy their products. Creative campaigns are brainstormed and designed then published into magazines, produced into commercials and then blasted into cyberspace for everyone to see. However, recent news has proven that it’s not the million dollar campaign that builds brand awareness and customer loyalty, but rather it’s the simplest and sincerest gestures that create the most impact and creates good business.

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Give While Giving Thanks.

CloudClean headquarters is located on River Road in Edgewater, New Jersey a prime location which resides right on the Hudson River. Although our office was impacted by Hurricane Sandy, in the three weeks since the storm the CloudClean team has been working tirelessly to remedy our offices while maintaining services to our customers without interruption. To anticipate events like Hurricane Sandy, CloudClean’s clouds are secured in remote ensuring the safety our our customer’s CloudClean data and continuous service to their CloudClean systems.

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Here is Your Food Safety Wake-Up Call!

Here at CloudClean, we continue to promote the importance of handwashing compliance within the food service industry, blogging and posting news articles on our Facebook and Twitter pages proving that handwashing compliance in the food industry continues to be an issue. Some articles highlight restaurant failings and violations, followed by required penalties and fines, temporary shut downs and bad press. Although our posts might be interesting to you, we believe there are some of you out there that are saying to yourselves, “that could never happen to us.”

We understand that implementing new food safety standards can sometimes cost time and money that you do not want to spend. Often times restaurant or food industry owners feel their food safety training is diligent, clean facilities are maintained and the likelihood of a shut down or lawsuit is highly unlikely.

Then, consider this…

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The Juicing Craze: Raw and Exposed

Juicing is not a new concept, rather a HUGE trend that has grown in the past couple of years, and is estimated to grow further into a $1.1 billion dollar industry by 2015, according to Beverage Industry magazine. Companies like BluePrintCleanse (BPC) have changed the beverage industry making raw juices, and juice cleanses, more desirable and more accessible to everyone, and influencing companies like Starbucks take notice and try their hand in the game. Starbucks is purchasing Evolution Fresh in hopes to do for juices what it has done for coffee.

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Are Schools Doing Everything They Can To Avoid Foodborne Illnesses?

The summer is ending and parents are getting their kids ready to go back to school. Whether they are starting first grade or entering in their senior year, parents are preparing their kids with an abundance of school supplies and enforcing good hygiene practices to avoid getting sick during the school year. Although kids might embrace a sick day, parents want to avoid them and will do everything they can to prevent their kids from illness, but the question is are the schools doing everything they can?

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Should the Gloves Come Off? Handwashing vs. Gloves Debate.

Have you ever been in and eatery where you see some of the employees wearing protective gloves? At first you feel good knowing that this establishment has enforced good hand hygiene compliance and food safety standards to make sure your food is protected… that is up until they person behind the counter who has carefully made your meal walks over to the cash register to deliver your order, takes your money, and then, without changing their gloves, goes back to make another sandwich. So much for protecting my food.

Not all restaurants, eateries, etc. who have their employees handle food also handle money, but it makes you question those who where gloves while preparing food how often are their gloves changed to be effective? More importantly, are they even washing their hands? Research shows that gloves, although reduce the rate of hand contamination, germs can still travel through the glove material which means gloves are not 100% effective and are no substitution for proper hand washing compliance.

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Be a Leader! Hand Hygiene and Food Safety Compliance.

If you lead them, they will follow.

We often talk about poor hand hygiene compliance when it comes to employees who handle food. Sometimes they forget protocol, often they are too rushed to implement, or they are just not properly educated enough in food safety and hand hygiene compliance. We acknowledge that company executives do not have visibility into every restaurant they own, nor does every manager have the ability to watch every employee at the same time, but we can’t put all the blame on the staff. It is the responsibility of the executive branch and management team to care about food safety throughout their company, and hand hygiene compliance among their employees. If the leaders do not care, why should their employees.

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Kitchen Nightmares!

At CloudClean we are fans of all things food: eating, cooking, reading, writing and watching. Watching food shows such as food competitions and food makeovers are just one of our downtime favorites. Some of our guilty pleasures are to watch episodes of Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible and BBC America’s Kitchen Nightmares. We are continually amazed by each restaurant’s transformation. We are also constantly shocked watching the horrifying secrets that often lie behind the kitchen doors.

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Why Don’t People Wash Their Hands?

It is hard to believe that in today’s sterile society of portable hand gels, anti-bacterial soaps, motion sensor soap dispensers, no touch hand dryers and hand sanitizers stationed at every doorway that people still do not wash their hands after going to the bathroom. What we continue to find equally surprising, and more disconcerting, is that the people who handle food in restaurants, despite health codes and hygiene standards, they do not wash their hands as much as you would think. Society has made cleaning hands virtually effortless for everyone, yet clean hands remains an issue in the food industry.

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Being In “The Cloud.”

It is often said that if you have your head in the clouds, you are considered a dreamer, or someone who has their mind on something other than the topic at hand. As It turns out being in the cloud is no longer reserved for the flighty, but rather the sophisticated. Everyone is in the clouds these days, with their web sites, movies, music, photos, videos and every other piece of personal or professional data. The cloud offers ways to transfer and store files only a dreamer could think possible, and it has become a true revolution in how we manage our data.

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