2013 NRA International FoodService Show

It’s that time of year again where we pack ourselves up and head to Chicago, one of the best cities in our country (in our opinion), and showcase CloudClean™ technology to the world! Booth 6770. Along the way we meet some brilliant and exciting people, and steal opportunities to enjoy and savor the international fare that spans the entire event center. Any other tradeshow serves the same airport-like food in select “food court” areas, but here it is a delectable feast for the eyes and taste buds!  It is a certain highlight of the year.

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Restaurants Hold the Health of Their Customers in Their Hands

No matter how much training you provide your employees, the reality is mistakes happen. We are all human and even with the best of intentions we can all make an error at any moment. When it comes to food in particular, restauranteurs know they hold the health of their customers in their hands, literally, so every mistake counts.

It was reported recently that a favorite fast casual comfort food restaurant in Virginia landed 4 critical violations which included handling raw meat, then immediately other foods, without washing their hands in between. The establishment corrected the violation the same day and the corporate office followed up ensuring quality control standards were being met. Luckily, no one was affected by the error.

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Hand Wash Compliance Awareness at the NRA Show 2012!

CloudClean Booth 6866 NRA Show 2012

Chicago’s National Restaurant Association Show (NRA 2012) was a tremendous success for CloudClean! For our days it was non-stop meeting, and eating.

Booth, after booth, after booth, after booth was filled with purveyors, chefs and even food gadget innovators offering up their foods for a tasting, and food demonstrations. Every bite offered was more delicious than the last. It was a feast for the eyes and the taste buds, and with 1,800 exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors, there was something for everyone.

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Don’t Miss What Chicago Has to Offer This Weekend! NRA Show and Lots of Great Food!

Hey you food industry pros! If you didn’t get a chance to visit us at NYC’s International Restaurant Show you must see us at this weekend at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago, McCormick Place Booth 6866, May 5th through May 8th. Why, you ask? Because we are revolutionizing how the food industry is managing hand hygiene monitoring, and you do not want to be the last to learn about it.

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There is No Control Over the Impulsive Nature of Human Beings

In recent news a disgruntled fast-food worker spit into two customer’s cups of iced tea, a reprehensible act beyond reproach.  It is a unique incident that is not the norm (we hope) Hand Hygience Compliance System to Erase Concerns in Restaurantsand reflects more so on the individual than the fast-food company. However, it is still bad press putting fast-food restaurants in the spotlight once again questioning food safety in fast-food establishments.

Despite the number of health code violations recorded amongst fast-food businesses 25% of Americans still eat fast-food everyday. Why? Because at the end of the day, good companies ensure visible violations are mended to fall back into compliance.

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“Employees Must Wash Hands”… But Do They Really?

The “Employees Must Wash Hands” sign is in just about every restaurant bathroom in America, but does anyone really believe this works?

As a restaurant owner/manager, you do not know for sure if your employees wash their hands after using the bathroom—no one can know what happens behind closed doors. Not only do you hope your employees follow proper hand hygiene compliance, but your customers are hoping too.

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